Santah was born with their heads in the clouds and their feet stuck in the dirty ground. Luckily, right before they grew up for good, a tidal wave swept them up, quick as can be, and sent them teetering across the continent. They howled in confusion when that water came, arms all flailing, their faces purple as raisins. But they rolled back their eyes and just like that they were in some holy home, right there in their own head, right there on that ocean, riding a wild and blurry-eyed vision, just being the most confused and luckiest boys to ever live or die in the whole goddamn world, just like that, all over the place.



Released June 7, 2011.
Written by Santah. 
Lyrics by Stanton McConnell. 
Guitar & vocals by Stanton McConnell, guitars by Mack McConnell, additional vocals by Vivian McConnell, drums & percussion by Steve Plock, bass by Otto Stuparitz, and pianos, organs, & synths by Tommy T. Trafton. 
Produced by Matt Dewine and Santah. 
Recorded and mixed by Matt Dewine at Pieholden Suite Sound in Rantoul, IL. 
Mastered by Jonathan Pines at Private Studios in Urbana, IL. 
All photography courtesy of Claire Keating and the Brundage Estate. 
Management: Thomas Winkler | Votiv | 


Santah would like to thank Matt Dewine, Joe Smyth, Seth Fein, Samantha Phelps, Roger Beu, Tom Winkler, Patrick Hamacher, Daniel Good, Geon Tillinghast, Carlye Wisel, No Sleep Records, our dear friends and families, and everyone who has let us sleep in their beds or on their couches or on their floors. We would like to especially thank "Hap" Anthony Parker, Claire Keating and family, and Mack McConnell.