Since the 2010 self-release of White Noise Bed (re-released on No Sleep Records), Santah has played hundreds of shows and travelled to some strange corners of the country. They also moved to Chicago, leaving behind their old pastoral haunt of Urbana, IL. Despite the new addresses, they perhaps became more acquainted with life on the road, living the last two years in a virtual limbo. They countered this by exploring the depths of atmospheric pop rock together, working on nearly twenty new songs. On You're Still a Lover, recorded at Chicago's Pieholden Suite Sound, Santah creates and couches themselves in a new sonic home, the first warm wave of many to come. 

Like the title proclaims, Santah fearlessly commits themselves in their newest batch of songs. If White Noise Bed saw the young band navigating an undulating ocean of heartbreak, You're Still a Lover sees them sinking head over heels into bliss. Dreamy love songs like "Indigo" and "Teeth" wade into warm waters, showcasing the vocal chemistry between lead singer Stanton McConnell and sister Vivian, now fully acclimated into the group. Sprawling anthems "Springfield", "North Coast", and "I Love the Way You Seal a Deal" balance out the slower tunes, all while contributing to the simple self-prescribed reaffirmation: You're Still a Lover.



Released October 16, 2012.
Written by Santah. 
Lyrics by Stanton McConnell. 
Guitars & vocals by Stanton McConnell, guitars & vocals by Vivian McConnell, drums & percussion by Steve Plock, bass by Otto Stuparitz, and pianos, organs, & synths by Tommy T. Trafton. 
Recorded, engineered, and mixed by Matt Dewine at Pieholden Suite Sound in Chicago, Ill. “Indigo” recorded, engineered and mixed by Daniel Good at Chrome Attic in Crystal Lake, Ill. 
Produced by Santah.
Mastered by Alan Silverman in New York City, N.Y. 
(C) 2012 Holy Hum Sound, Blue-Eyed Beehive, Righteous Corduroy Publishing, Gnawed Paw, and Sunflower House (BMI). 
All photos by Claire Keating.
CD & Digital distributed by Burnside Distribution Corporation | 
Vinyl released by saki Records and distributed through Carrot Top Distribution | |
Management: Thomas Winkler | Votiv |